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Email from Janna Larson to Eric Miller, 14 Aug 2011, Bennington Family

Yes, I am familiar with this family. Briefly, here is a chart of your ancestors.

Fred C. Bennington m. Mary Elizabeth Wilson
George W. Bennington m. Emma A. Berkhouse
Henry H. Bennington m. Elizabeth J. Boston
James Bennington m. Barbara
(?) William Bennington and Elizabeth Rogan
(?) Moses Bennington and Abigail
Henry Bennington and Sarah Harris

I would be glad to print a report for you.

1. The chapter on descendants of James Bennington is 9 pages long.
2. The chapter on descendants of William and Elizabeth Rogan is 94 pages.
3. The chapter on Henry Bennington and Sarah Harris is 18 pages.

But before I do, I would be glad if you would share the information you have collected on the modern generations, so I may incorporate it into the report.

It will cost me about $5 to print and mail chapters 1 and 3 and $12 for chapter 2.

You may also wish to subscribe to the "Bennington Bulletin," a quarterly for Bennington researchers that has the latest discoveries. It is 12 pages each issue jam-packed with queries, articles, charts and data on Benningtons. Subscriptions are payable to me, Janna Larson, 14623 N. 49th Place, Scottsdale, AZ 85254-2207.

On 8/13/2011 3:22 PM, Eric Michael Miller wrote:
Benningtons are in my family, and looking to find out more info about them. My connection is through my Grandmother Oleta Claire Bennington. Her father was Fred Bennington b.1899, and his father was George Washington Bennington b. 1870. Are you familiar with this line?