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Source: Descendant Chart for Eli Brookover 10-18-11


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Source Title Descendant Chart for Eli Brookover 10-18-11
Author Brenda Brookover
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Descendant Chart for Eli Brookover 10-18-11


There are errors in this chart, but a good resource.

Email from Eric Miller to Brenda Brookover:
Hello Brenda,
Great hearing for you and thank you so much for the chart. It worked perfectly. I'm starting to go through it and have some questions that maybe you can clear up for me. Eli Brookover's Birthdate and Death date is different than what I have. On his gravestone his is death year is clearly 1892, not 1893. Do you have reason to believe it is not correct? The Birthdate is hard to see, but the first letter does not look like a "M" for March. Do you have any documentation for any of this? Same for his wife Catherine, her gravestone says she was born Nov. 5, 1822, I see that you have May 11, 1822. Is there a reason for the different date from the gravestone?

Eli and Catherine's children:
- You have a Melinda A. Brookover, and I'm guessing this is the same as the Garlinda A. that is in the 1850 census.
- You have Permelia's birthdate around 1851, but I have it as 1856. Not sure which is correct? I got my infor from (
- Rebecca Virginia Brookover I have birthdate as 4/23/1856 you have 5/4/1857, and Death date I have 1/17/1931 and you have 1/17/1932
- You have Cora's middle initial as "A" and I have it as "P", do you know where you got that from?