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Source: Working Copy of Desendants of Eli Brookover


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Source Title Working Copy of Desendants of Eli Brookover
Author Melvin Brookover & Donnie Brookover
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Working Copy of Eli Brookover Descendants 9:21:2011


From: Angelicka Bush
Subject: working chart of eli brookover going down his son william marshal
Date: September 20, 2011 9:31:37 PM PDT
To: Eric Michael Miller

Here is a pdf of the lineage from eli down that i received. i do find a few mistakes in it but overall its very informational. i received this from the brookovers that I am talking to and going to be meeting. Melvin is the great grandson and Donnie the great great grandson. Melvin is still living. Melvin's daughter Brenda died this year. The family over is WV is trying to put together a book to publish with as many as possible Brookover downlines and they are asking for our help. I have passed on your website to them as well as told them about you coming from Lindy's line. Hope this helps you as well,