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Source: Descendants (Working Copy) for Eli Brookover 10-22-2011


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Source Title Descendants (Working Copy) for Eli Brookover 10-22-2011
Author Liz Mullett:
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Working copy of Descendants for Eli Brookover 10-22-2011


Differences as of 10/23/2011 - email from me to Liz Mullett:
- Eli Brookover's birth place. I have Monongalia County, Virginia, and you have Pennsylvania
- Eli's Death Year. I have 1892(matches gravestone), and you have 1893.
- Eli's death and burial: I have him buried in Metz Cemetery, in Lee, Calhoun Co., and you have him listed at Sand Ridge.
- Catherine Mercer Birth: Her gravestone says Nov. 5, 1822, you have listed May 11. I also have it in Virginia, and you have it listed as Pennsylvania, Not sure which is correct.
- John Lem Brookover birth year: You have 1848, and I have 1849
- Permelia Brookover birth: I have 1856, you have 1851
- Rebecca Virginia Brookover Birth: I have April 23, 1856, and you have May 4, 1857.