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Susannah Filsmoyer
Birth: Michael Lutz
Death: Michael Lutz


I hope you don't mind me sending a 3rd email, but this has got me perplexed. According to my family history book the 5 children of George Heinrich Lutz (According to Moselem Church records, Berks Co, PA) are as follows:

Ana Elizabeth - born 5-12-1757
Catherine - born 9-26-1763
Philip Heinrich - born 11-19-1765
Michael - born 12-21-1767
Eva Rozine - born 7-8-1771

On your website you show a George Heinrich Lutz II as a son of G. H. Lutz and Ana Clara. This is bizarre since I have not heard of a George Heinrich II unless it refers to Michael's son whose picture is above.

I did find an online source that confirms what I was saying that Michael was married to Susannah Filsmoyer:

My name is McLean Lutz, and I ran across your family tree online. We have a common ancestor in George Heinrich Lutz. My family comes through Michael Lutz in the picture in which I clipped from your Webpage. If you are at all interested in knowing, I thought I would give you some information.

Michael Lutz (b12-21-1767; d1812) was married to Susannah Filsmoyer (b12-24-1774; d7-15-1848 buried in Funkhouser Cemetary Shenandoah Co, VA.)

Their sons and daughters were Jacob, George, Mary, Rebecca, Susannah, Michael, John, Catherine, Magdalene, William.

So the Catherine Mohler (spouse) and Samuel Lutz is not related to Michael Lutz, son of George Heinrich.

I come through : George Heinrich/Ana Clara Roth; Michael Lutz/Susannah Filsmoyer; George Lutz/Mary Brown (Above); Franklin McLean Lutz/Massey Amanda Taylor (Above); plus four more generations.

I hope you find this information useful, and have good day!

McLean Lutz

I made a partial mistake in my last email. According to my family history book, it says "Catherine, daughter of Heinrich and Clara, born 26 September, 1763; baptised 27 November, 1763; Philip Roth and wife sponsors." So the Catherine Mohler listed possibly refers to Michael's sister, who was named Catherine. One thing is for sure, Susannah Filsmoyer was his (Michael's) wife.