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Source: Family Line of Leonard Metz


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Source Title Family Line of Leonard Metz
Author Sara Bastings
Publication email 11/9/2010, at 7:33 PM
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Jacob Metz
Leonhart M. Metz



My name is Sara Bastings. I was doing some research for my kids for a project for school. We were looking at our family history to see if we had any members who served in the Revolutionary War, when I came across your page on Leonard Metz. I am a descendent of Leonard Metz. Here is my line: Sara Bastings, daughter of Marin Pena and Vivien Carr. Vivien is the daughter of Charles Stanley Carr and Maurine Heder. Charles is the son of Charles Clyde Carr and Viola May Boice. Viola is the daughter of Shade Boice and Viola Bell Hawkins. Viola is the daughter of John David Hawkins and Mary Ann Metz. Mary Ann is the daughter of Henry Metz and Annie Kendall. Henry is the son of Jacob Metz and Catherine Michall (Michael). This is the information that we have. I would love to see what other information you have on this line of the family. The only information that we had was that his name was Leonard Metz and his wife's name was Margaret. It is great to see his parents names and her parent's names. I'm looking forward to getting to know you and your family better, and learning more about my extended family.


p.s. The children of my parents are as follows:

Jackie Wolters
David Wolters (both from my mom's first marriage)
Marin Pena
Viviana Pena (Smith)
Hyrum Pena
Elena Pena (Meyer)
Eva Pena (Martin)
Sara Pena (myself)
Jared Pena
Joseph Pena.

There are 35 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren, as well.