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Warren "Cootie" Van Bourne

Person ID: LDCZ-DF9

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Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth
John Selby Bourne 7/8/1839 Laura L. Hill 5/3/1861

Person Events

Event Type Date Place Description
Birth 12/8/1878 Gilmer County, West Virginia, United States Per "Descendants (Working Copy) for Eli Brookover 10-22-2011"
Marriage 2/1/1905 Calhoun County, West Virginia, United States
Death 3/4/1960
Burial 1960 Metz Cemetery, Lee, Calhoun County, West Virginia, United States


Connie Bourne: "Grandpa Bourne told the story of his uncle who ran away with a neighbor's wife. When her husband and a group of his friends caught up with the runaway couple they hung Grandpa's uncle as a horse thief because the runaway wife had taken one of her husband's horses. Grandpa Bourne was a great story teller - 1st person type that were actually legends some of which I learned in a history of English class came to this country from Europe. Never sure which of his stories were true or just good story telling!"



Warren "Coot" Bourne & Lindy Brookover, & unknown in 1953, Cleveland, Ohio

1878 Gilmer County, West Virginia Birth Register entry for Warren Van Bourn

1900 US Census West Virginia Calhoun Lee District

1912 Hill Bourne Birth


Descendants of Andrew Bourn